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Ardian Global Express LLC.  has a network of offices in Asia & Middle East, that ensure your Courier and cargo , supply chain and freight forwarding needs are met utilizing our local knowledge with our global experience. These solutions are delivered to surpass the service expectations of our customers with personalised, dedicated products and resource around the world and around the clock. AGL is committed to the use of cutting edge technology to control, monitor and report on the delivery of our services. AGL does not only offer services in the industrialized regions of the world, we also offer niche services to key points in the developing world...


Air Freight and Air Charter Services .

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Air Freight (Export / Import Consolidation)
  • Special customized line hauls
  • Door To Door trucking
  • Road Cargo (Road Freight, Land Trasport)
  • Air Freight Services - Import and Export (Door To Door / Door To Airport / Airport
  • Clearing and Forwarding
  • Customs Clearance Freight to door deliveries
  • Pick and pack service
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Movers And Relocation Services
  • International and Domestic Deliveries
  • Time Definite Deliveries
  • Special after hours and weekend deliveries
  • Cash on Delivery Services
  • Friday Express Delivery
  • Door to Door courier and cargo Service(cargo to india, Cargo to uk, Cargo to canada, Cargo to qatar, cargo to Oman, cargo to bahrain
Our Strengths:
  • Partnerships with an exclusive network of agents worldwide
  • No restriction on size of cargo and airline option
  • Online customs clearance and freight booking facility
  • Acceptance and handling of dangerous goods cargo
  • ATA (Agent Transfer Authority) facility for swift, hassle free delivery & collection of cargo from the AGL LOGISTIC warehouse in the Dubai International Airport Cargo Gateway (Dubai Cargo Village / Dubai Airport Free zone)
  • Well trained and experienced professionals

Ocean Freight

AGL LOGISTIC is an industry leader in global ocean freight and project cargo services; our multi-modal transportation services are second to none. AGL LOGISTIC’s ocean freight service accommodates a broad range of global customers, shipping everything from dangerous goods, out of gauge loads such as earthmoving, mining and construction equipment, and general cargo to destinations worldwide.

Whatever your global transportation requirement, our friendly and capable staff will provide efficient solutions fast, keeping shipments on time, within budget and ensuring peace of mind.

Full Ship Charter Ocean Services
AGL LOGISTIC can charter a wide range of vessels with ranging specifications such as capacity, versatility, speed, range, and/or lifting capabilities to meet specific customer needs. At AGL LOGISTIC we offer everything from container ships and RoRo vessels to ultra-heavy-geared and bulk ships.

Full Container Load (FCL)
FCL is a smart choice; AGL LOGISTIC is able to offer a myriad of schedule and routing options for this product. FCL generally expedites your shipment and provides you with the biggest bang for your buck for most cargo types due to availability of equipment, number of sailings, and AGLZ LOGISTIC’s competitive pricing contracts with most carriers.

Roll on, Roll off (Ro Ro)
AGL LOGISTIC provides Ro Ro service for the transportation of vehicles; whether moving a single car, or one hundred cars, a 50-ton dump truck or a 100-ton mobile crane; Ro Ro enables vehicles to be driven on at origin and driven off at destination and typically offers a competitive per vehicle solution to alternate shipping alternatives. Diplomat offers scheduled Ro Ro services to most ports worldwide

Less-than-Container Load (LCL)
is the most common option for smaller shipments; AGL LOGISTIC will work hard on your behalf to find the most competitive LCL solution to meet your requirements. Although competitive, costs will vary as will schedule options. AGL LOGISTIC ‘ LCL product provides dependable performance and a lower supply chain cost due to standard global connections from port to port.

Land Transportation

AGL LOGISTIC is among the leading companies providing international and local transportation logistics solutions. The Land Transport department has been providing regular full loads and services within the GCC countries. It maintains flexible and tailor made road services to meet the customer needs. The Land Transport department at AGL LOGISTIC is a one stop solution for domestic and international group age logistics services.
Services Offered:
    Container transportation
  • Land transportation to GCC countries (LTL and FTL)
  • Break bulk movements
  • Special and heavy equipment movements
  • Flexible and timely arranging of cranes and forklifts
  • Fleet of own trucks ( 22 TRUCKS )
  • Port operations
  • Border clearance
  • Fast and reliable services
  • Flexible and time delivery services

Movers and Relocations

AGL Logistic is one of the leading specialists in corporate as well as domestic and international relocations. We provide high quality end-to-end customer service. We ensure that your relocation process is a smooth affair. Our experienced staff is equipped to handle every minute detail of the relocation process.

Our services include:
  • Household relocation
  • Office relocations
  • Warehouse and storage services
  • Transportation and door to door delivery services
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  • Cargo from China to Dubai
  • Cargo to GCC
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-Burkina Faso
  • Door-to-Door-courier-Cargo-to-Ghana
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-Benin
  • Door-to-Door-courier-Cargo-to-India
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-Togo
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courierto-Kenya
  • cargo to kuwait
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-Lagos
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-Madagascar
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-Libya
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-Abidjan
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-Morocco
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-Chad
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-Nigeria
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-Lome
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-Sudan
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-Gabon
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-Tanzania
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-Uganda
  • Air Cargo from Dubai Cargo to Australia
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-Africa
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-Bangui
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-Algeria
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-France
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-Angola
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-Europe
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-Congo
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-USA
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-to-Car Shipping to Africa
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-UK
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-Shipping Cargo from Germany to Dubai
  • Cargo to South Africa
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-Italy
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-to-Senegal
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-Germany
  • Cargo from Japan to Dubai
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-Shipping companies in Dubai
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-to-United Kingdom
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-Oman
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-to-Qatar
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-Saudi Arabia
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-to-Bahrain
  • Door-to-Door-Cargo-courier-to-Kuwait
  • door-to-door-cargo-courier services in Sharjah
  • door-to-door-cargo-courier services in Ajman
  • door-to-door-cargo-courier services in dubai
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  • door-to-door-cargo-courier services in ras al khaimah
  • door-to-door-cargo-courier services in jebel ali
  • door-to-door-cargo-courier services in abudhabi
  • door-to-door-cargo-courier services in al ain
  • door-to-door-cargo-courier services in US